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  • Industries
    • Consumer Banking

    • Digital Publishing

    • Online Advertising

    • Mobile Apps

  • Positions
    • Lead Front-End Engineer

    • Senior Design Prototyper

    • Senior Creative Developer

    • UI Designer

  • Platforms
    • HTML 5

    • Flash

    • Android

I’m a self-starter with a Computer Science degree and an interest in design and development. I know my way around pixels as well as code, with over 10 years experience, and excel in positions where I get to do both.

I enjoy working at smaller companies whose mission helps the little guy, particularly when it’s shaking up an established market. If you’re leveling a playing field, I want to help.

Having worked with agile development at Blurb, I’m a strong supporter of it when everyone at an organization is on board. It ensures more accurate expectations between features and schedule, preventing excessive workload on the team and rushed work.

I live in San Francisco and look for work almost exclusively in this city. Commuting is a drag.